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About the Book

Bean Sidhe (banshee) is a Gaelic spirit whose wailing warns of a death in the house

Percy thought he had life all figured out. Get a good education, get a steady job and keep it, find a hard working, thrifty lady, keep her, save your money, retire early, simple.  However, people and life are never simple and it wasn’t until his steady, hard working lady packed their used Honda and drove away, did he realize that he hadn’t planned for unexpected eventualities. Feeling used, abused and betrayed, he did what anyone in a similar situation would do. Percy decided to kill someone. Now it wasn’t just anyone, and it wasn’t anything personal. He was doing it for someone else who was used, abused and betrayed. Seemed like a good idea at the time, the movies made it look easy enough. Turns out assassination isn’t something you learn on the job. Things went from bad to worse in no time, and the hardest part being keeping the whole mess secret.

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